Magic is a powerful and dangerous tool. As such, it is to be feared and kept in check. Magic can be ufed for good, and wizards are a welcome addition in our fight againft black magics and other dark, terrible things. Magic, as a powerful tool, has great power to corrupt and so our wizard allies muft be watched clofely and not allowed to ally themfelves with darker powers.

Wizard members of Malleus Maleficarum ufe the Scholarly Mage kit found on pages 46 and 47 of the A Mighty Fortress Campaign Sourcebook. The important limitations impofed by the kit are as follows:

The Scholarly Mage muft have an Intelligence greater than 9.

The Scholarly Mage muft take the nonweapon proficiencies for: ancient languages, reading/writing, and spellcraft.

The Scholarly Mage muft have some sort of magical focus for ufe in rituals and spellcafting. (Note that this has been changed from the Kit's rule about swords.)

The Scholarly Mage muft be a specialist mage, and may not specialize in necromancy. (Note that the alteration school banned by the kit has been allowed.)

The Scholarly Mage's cafting times are increafed by one category from thofe lifted in the core rulebooks.

The Scholarly Mage muft use material components when cafting spells.

The Scholarly Mage muft have a high enough Intelligence to caft spells of the following levels without a spellbook or scroll with them:

9-14, 2nd level

15-16, 3rd level

17, 4th level

18+, 5th level


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