Aleina Dalca Kalderasha

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A young romani fortune teller.



Sastimios. I was sorry to hear about your archives – however I hope now you will lend some credence to my proposal to keep your information spread out amongst several locations rather than in one location. Just this simple practice would have saved your organization a great deal of trouble. As introductions go I am not sure how to proceed so shall attempt to provide all the information that your archives most likely had on myself.

I was born somewhere along the road to Boulogne as my family’s kumpania was planning to travel across the Channel to England. Making a living in England I apprenticed under our kumpania’s drabarni. What you gaje would call a fortune teller. She had no real abilities – instead relied on tricking gaje and telling them what they wanted to hear. I however possessed a talent for true spellcraft and have taken over as my kumpania’s drabarni and mule-vi. I have worked under a variety of pseudonyms as I travel about Europe, often working under respected Ofisa. Most clients I am able to appease with the skills that the elder drabarni taught. However sometimes actual skill is needed – I am especially likely to practice true magic if the money is right.

I have dealt with many creatures that you would name monsters and have experience fighting the forces of darkness. Although not formally educated or even a respectable member of society I am certain that I have contributed my fair share to your organization.

I look forward to hearing from St. Petersburg, until then I will remain traveling the countryside of France.

Aleina Dalca Kalderasha

Aleina Dalca Kalderasha

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